Purchasing a Lift

In support of ALI’s mission, the Institute and its Membership often interact with industry in an effort to educate those seeking to purchase an automotive lift. With the vast number of lift manufacturers and importers found in today’s global economy, invalidated lift claims and an overabundance of information often make the process of selecting a lift extremely difficult. Purchasers are often confused by claims made by sellers. Such claims are sometimes made in good faith by inexperienced salespeople and other times they are made on purpose to confuse the purchaser and obtain an order for equipment that may not actually meet the purchaser’s specifications or the local code officials’ requirements.

Whether you are in the market for light-duty car lifts or heavy-duty truck lifts, ALI has developed this section of the website to present critical purchase considerations to assist you in determining the best type of lift that will meet your needs.

ALI has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which will explain some of the claims put forth in this highly competitive marketplace, allowing you, the purchaser to gain the knowledge to better evaluate claims and make an informed decision.