ALI Certified Lift Inspectors Have You Covered

With so much riding on your lifts, it’s crucial to have them properly maintained and regularly inspected.

Annual lift inspections are required by health and safety officials, ANSI standards and local regulations. But even more importantly, taking care of your lifts is the right thing to do for your team and your business.

Skilled, well-trained workers are your most valuable asset. Protect them, your reputation and your bottom line by having your lifts inspected by an ALI Certified Lift Inspector. Don’t trust your lifts to just anyone. ALI Certified Lift Inspectors are proven qualified to inspect every lift in your facility. To achieve certification, lift inspectors must pass two written exams, complete extensive documented practical experience and agree to abide by the program’s code of ethics. The inspector’s employer also must meet quality requirements and sign an additional code of ethics.

ALI Certified Lift Inspectors examining a lift to the requirements of ALI’s program follow standardized inspection procedures for every lift, regardless of age, origin or manufacturer. They assess the lift, bay, and shop, and provide written reports with any repair recommendations after the inspection. The Certified Lift Inspector applies a serialized, dated and signed (with the inspector’s unique ID number) label to each lift that passes inspection, making it clear at a glance when the lift was last successfully inspected.